And so it began.

Hawke Supply Company is a family business.  We are a family of nine…..that’s right…..nine. Creating Hawke Supply Company has been one of the hardest yet most rewarding experiences I have ever had the privilege to experience.

My wife and children are my life and without their support, Hawke Supply would not be possible. Four boys and three girls ranging from newborn to thirteen years old….boy are we in trouble. This “About Us” will not be like the other 99% of beard oil / natural health and personal products companies.  Part of our story is like those others….finally growing a beard, getting beardruff and itching, looking for products to use, and finally making our own. But our story is a bit more personal.

I have always had facial hair, typically a light scruff. Why? I detest shaving. To be clear, my face and neck detest razors. Why not a full beard? I honestly did not think I could grow it. I am not a hairy man….no chest hair, no back hair. I could grow stubble but I really didn’t think I could grow a full beard.

In late 2012, I was not happy with my career and I began my beard growing experience. I began with the yeard…a year long trek into manliness. It was magnificent….I fell in love with being bearded. On top of this, my wonderful wife loved it as well. My kids, we had five at the time, also did not deter me (I won’t say they loved it). My amazing nephew solidified the beard. When I got to see him, he would not let the beard go. I became Uncle Beard.

I used a few different beard oils that are available on the market but wanted to make my own. I began researching essential oils and carrier oils and the benefits of each.  I learned about the harsh chemicals in your traditional retail products and how they are detrimental to your beard health, hair health, skin health, and possibly your overall health.

After tons of researching, mixing, and testing we came up with a phenomenal blend of carrier oils and magnificent smelling blends of essential oils that testers and friends loved but most importantly that we loved.

There are quite a few other beard oil suppliers in the market. We believe some are in the business for the wrong reason and looking to make a buck on the beard trend. We believe beards are not a trend but a return to the norm of old. We want to share the enthusiasm of our products and provide the highest quality, best smelling products to our customers.  We use top of the line, all natural ingredients and will never add chemicals, fragrances, or artificial ingredients.

We have done everything ourselves from the research, development, testing, website design, graphics, packaging, branding, procurement, accounting, marketing, etc.

We believe in our products and look forward to expanding our product line with other all natural, organic, artisan products that we hope you will love as much as we do.

Thank you for your interest in our company and products. We hope you will become a lifetime customer of Hawke Supply Company.

Hawke Supply Company - Healthy Beard Happy Beard